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Recruitment for international students or candidates in CRA

Hello Beginner CRAs,

I recently received a letter from a reader who is interested in working in the clinical research field in Ireland.

(find the letter below).

Welcome to the clinical research field! Thanks for reading my blog and if you have really read my blog then you know that in this field education is great but experience is everything. I recommend that you get a job as a clinical research assistant working for a facility or a clinical research organization or (contract research organization) or Pharma company. This will give you the exposure and experience you need to eventually become a CRA. Start by doing a little research on what pharmaceutical companies are represented in Ireland. Which ones have an office or headquarters and if these headquarters are doing clinical operations or a different function for the company. If they are doing clinical operations see if they are hiring. Next you need to find out if there are any CROs around and if so if they are hiring and for what positions and finally you need to check on your research hospitals and facilities and see if they are looking for study coordinators or study coordinators assistants.

Please note that I do not live nor have ever worked in Ireland but I hope this gives you a starting point and good luck with your endeavors!


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Hi Sara,
I might be little late to visit your invaluable interactive blog. But read all your posts and really delighted to see the actual insights. Thanks for sharing them.
About ideas:
I am also looking for the CRA role since my bachelors in Pharmacy in India. After bachelors I worked as Clinical Trial Assistant for a year. Then I ran through indian career counselling and now feel tricked, but I already did my Clinical Research post graduate diploma and now finished with my MBA in international business with major in Project Management.
I would like to ask about recruitment for international students or candidates in CRA. As I am in Ireland and have permission to work in Ireland for a year.
I am applying for the role but no success yet. It would be really helpful if you could help me about possibility of getting in clinical research as always wanted to be in clinical research at international level.

Will look forward for your reply.
Thanks. Keep posting this blog is really helpful.

One comment on “Recruitment for international students or candidates in CRA

  1. sudarshana pawar
    December 7, 2016

    i graduated in biology. i am looking for career in Clinical research. i have 0 years of experience. Could someone help me how to get into it please. Also, could anyone guide me whether i need to do any kind of certification please. Appreciate all your help and patience

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